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Welcome to This is the place to come to purchase the Stacks I've created for use in RapidWeaver, specifically on Stacks pages. If you are here, I'm assuming you've got both of these and are ready to rock.

If you've got ideas for new and exciting Stacks based on a demo you've seen, please drop me a line and recommend it as a Stack.
Most importantly, please, have fun.    ~Brian (El Presidente of
El Dorado
The El Dorado Stack is
RapidWeaver's most full-featured, customizable lightbox. "El Dorado" is Spanish for "The Golden One". This stack is built for use in Stacks 2.0 and higher.

This is by far the most customizable lightbox stack available for RapidWeaver. El Presidente has crammed a mucho, mucho features into this stack to allow you to create the best Lightbox experience for your pages.

Each of the ten styles (think of "styles" as being similar to "themes" in RapidWeaver) has its own unique set of features including button graphics, button placement, title location, loading graphics, corner configuration (round vs square) and many, many others.
El Tint-o
The El Tint-o Stack is a stack that does just one thing.... but it does it well! El Tint-o allows you to place semi-transparent backgrounds behind your content. So many themes are now displaying images as a background to the site that this stack is just a no-brainer. El Tint-o will allow you to customize the way your pages look on top of those images.

El Tint-o allows you to select ANY color and ANY opacity between 10% and 90%. And the setup for these options is drop-dead simple... two sliders!

I've also included the ability to add rounded corners to them as well.
El Box-o
The El Box-o Stack makes it ridiculously easy to create colorful, eye-catching boxes with stylish Title and Content areas. The stack comes with everything you need to add beautiful, colored backgrounds, delicious patterned overlays and so much more. You can use as many of these on a page as you'd like... and each can be styled differently! You can let the content in the box determine the height or manually set it so adjacent boxes look the same. Visit the demo page and learn some more.
El Text-o
El Text-o is designed to catch your reader's attention. El Text-o is the only animated text effect available as a Stack. Your message will come through loud and clear as a smooth animation including fully customizable dropping letters, morphing colors and letters swapping places. After the show is over and your message is displayed, it can optionally fade slowly and collapse... leaving behind nothing but the memory of an awesome javascript effect!
El Book-o
The El Book-o Stacks create an image presentation in the form of a book. The pages turn automatically at an interval determined by you. If a viewer hovers their mouse over the slideshow, it stops until the mouse is removed. Comes with two stacks: one for a horizontal and one for a vertical display.
El Kwix-o
El Kwix-o is a stack you are going to want to have. What is El Kwix-o? It's one part slider, one part accordion, one part Kwix and two parts FUN! El Kwix-o is primarily designed for images but El Presidente provides you with sample projects showing how to use text, images, etc. You've got to see it!
El CallBox-o
The El CallBox-o Stack is the muy delicioso way to highlight and call attention to an important quote, key concept, idea or phrase within you page. It is a concept used frequently in print publications. The information is displayed in a "Call-out Box" and El Presidente made the name somewhat better! The call-out box uses colorful borders and a unique shape to draw the viewer's eye to the box. Go view the demo to fully grasp the concept.
El Sexy-o
The El Sexy-o Stack was a pioneer
in the lightbox field. It was the first to allow you to display a background image in your lightbox. It has many settings: Choose from a white or black layout.... have the lightbox appear from top or bottom of the browser window... set the color of the semi-transparent background behind the lightbox. You can also display inline content with this stack. Take a closer look at El Sexy-o… You'll like what you see.
Exposer Pro
The Exposer Pro is a Stack designed to hide, or rather, Expose other Stacks content on your page and then reveal it nicely when the user clicks a link. Exposer Pro also allows you to have visible Stacks vanish with a click! Yes, you can use mulltiple Exposers on a single page. You choose the settings to have the content appear or disappear on click, double-click or hover. You can also change the speed at which your content appears and disappears.
The Sidewinder Stack is essentially a horizontal accordion. It allows you to place a lot of information in a relatively small area. Users click tabs to reveal the information in a given panel. This is very similar in concept to the accordions we've used in RapidWeaver for some time now... except the panels open horizontally instead of vertically. It's said that a picture is worth a thousand words... so go see it in action. You'll like it....
El Wink-o
The El Wink-o Stack is the muy excelente way to display your images. El Wink-o gets his name from the two animated panels that appear when a user hovers over your image. The upper panel contains a title and the lower panel contains a caption. these panels appearing simultaneously resemble an eye winking and that is how El Wink-o got its name. You've gotta see it to fully understand.
El Slide-o
The El Slide-o Stacks display a message you compose on a screen that overlays your page. You determine if this screen slides down from the top or up from the bottom. Control all aspects of the display: colors, timing, speed, etc. El Slide-o displays the message at page load. El Slide-o Link-o displays the message when the user clicks your link and supports multiple messages on a page.